The Artists' Alley

Once again this year Animecon will organize The Artists' Alley, where artists and crafters can sell their merchandise. Everything from art prints to accessories can be found at the Artists' Alley, so we highly recommend you bring some cash along with you.

This year the application process has been slightly remodeled: this time the seats won't be filled in the order of registration, instead the selections will be made based on the demonstration of art work which the applicants will be requested to provide. This is to ensure an interesting and versatile range of products. We'll also have an allotment for first-timers, so they can try out their wings and gain experience. The artist selections will be made by a jury consisting of several Animecon's correspondents with a background in arts and crafts.

The application will be open from April 13 to May 10 and will be carried out by email at Only the applications sent during that time period will be taken into account. The applicants are requested to provide 3-5 samples of artwork as attachments (jpg/png) which will be used in the selection process. The responsibility for the image quality belongs to the applicants, so make sure to send us clear and presentable images. For artists one image should consist of one work of art, crafters can include different variations of one product in a photo (e.g. a plushie in different colors or a necklace made by using a certain technique but with different pendants).

If you’re requesting a shared table, both/all parties are required to apply by separate emails. This is to make sure that the samples won’t get mixed up and the application process remains as simple as possible.

The two days sales price is 20 euros for one table and 10 euros for a shared table.

The following information will be required in the application (* marks compulsory info):

  • *First and last name
  • The name you want us to use on our website (if different from the name above)
  • *Date of birth
  • *Email
  • *Phone
  • *City
  • *Would this be your first time attending the Artists’ Alley? (other events count as well)
  • Homepage (by providing this info you agree to allow us to use it on our website)
  • Free description of your products (by providing this info you agree to allow us to use it on our website)
  • Additional information ((for example, you can request your table to be located next to your friend's in case you both have separate tables))
  • *Are you sharing the table with your friend(s)? (if you are, include the name(s))
  • *In case you get selected for the Artists’ Alley, will you allow us to use your artwork samples on our website’s list of artists?

Don’t forget to attach 3-5 images to your application! (jpg/png)!

The rules for the Artists' Alley:

  • The artists’ alley is meant for selling your own products, second hand items are not allowed..
  • Selling fanart is allowed, copies of other artists’ work is not
  • If you have R-rated material, please keep it in a separate folder and monitor that it’s only viewed by customers who are of age..
  • Breaking the rules above leads to a warning in which case the seller is to remove the forbidden material. In extreme cases it can also lead to removing the seller from the alley and the table price won't be returned.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Artists' Alley correspondent at