Programme timetable

Most programme's at Animecon are held in Finnish. Those with FINNISH after the name are held in Finnish only.

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Animecon 2015 Programme timetable

Concert Hall Chamber Music Hall Auditorium Cabinet Room "Strings" Class 210 Class 214
10:30 Opening Ceremony
11:00 From Anime to the West Stiff robots and spandex suits - Fourty years of Sentai series How to learn Japanese The wolf among us Sugoi Trainingu
11:30 Fffight
13:00 Movies Everybody Disagrees with You On Teen angst and training: Free!, target audience and image language in a sports anime Anime song quiz Finland needs more AMV-creators Assassin's Creed meetup
14:00 The best you can be found inside a game Death parade
15:00 Cosplay: Single's contest Moomin Metal II Once upon a time there was a granny and a grandpa - Fairytales in anime and manga What would it be like to be an anime character - is it even possible? Fan fiction writing workshop 1.0
16:00 The diamond in the rough - Ace of Diamond
17:00 Homosation is already here Finland's sports folk and Japan
18:00 Anime Concert
10:00 TGWTG Q&A From Nintendo to manga On both sides of the coin - Japan's gods in Noragami Over 10 years of tennis experience - Prince of Tennis
11:00 Below the surface - a look into the characters of Free! Learn to measure your friends
12:00 AMV contest Whose Anime is it anyway Not as epic as you'd think Karate - Bankai's and Bunkai's in anime and everyday life Ultimate sport competition 9000
14:00 Kuroko no Basuke - basketball and circus tricks in rainbow colours Manga quiz Doug Walker's Autograph session Fan fiction writin workshop 2.0 Speedo workshop
15:00 Performance and CMV contest Open-mic scrutinization
16:00 OC - my own character Metal from the West to the East - Metalocalypse and Detroit Metal City
17:00 Closing Ceremony

Programme descriptions

Saturday 09:30

Saturday 10:00

Saturday 10:30

Opening Ceremony

Concert Hall at 10:30–11:00

Ready... Set... Animecon 2015 begins now! Come to the opening ceremony to hear what lies in store for the con-weekend!.

Saturday 11:00

From Anime to the West - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 11:00–11:45Ida Aho, Eva Aho

Have you seen Totoro as a fried turkey? Or Jake the Dog carrying Cloud's sword? Or how a datingsim comes to life in a Disney series? The influence of anime is seen more and more in western animation. Writers, directors and other creators have grown among anime and this has clearly influenced their work. We will take you to some obscure anime references and show you, how the East and the West meet in animation today.

Stiff robots and spandex suits - Fourty years of Sentai series - FINNISH

Auditorium at 11:00–12:30Toni "Jefre Akemire" Jefremoff, Sampo "Kyubi" Vehmas

The heroes known to us as Power Rangers go by "Super Sentai" in Japan. Shows belonging to this franchise have been created for over fourty years, and in this programme, we explore this fashinating franchise, the tie-in products belonging to it and its effects on the rest of media. Come with us to the fashinating world of Sentai series! You can comment and give feedback on twitter with the hasthag #AconSentai.

How to learn Japanese - FINNISH

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 11:00–12:30Ossi Hirvikoski

Are you interested in studying Japanese, but don't quite know where to start? Have you started learning, but studying quickly came to a stop and was forgotten? This programme doesn't teach you Japanese, but gives you tips on how to get started, or how to continue from where you left off before. There are different apps, games and other materials on show that can be useful for your learning too.

The programme host is not a Japanese language professional, although he took his first Japanese lesson at 12 years old, and he has had to fight with motivation and resources to continue learning the language.

The wolf among us

Class 210 at 11:00–12:30Akseli "Miller" Koskinen, Vilma "Marlyer" Virtanen

Previously the wolves have disrupted only the Southern rabbit tribes life, but when suddenly, after a completely normal night, a citizen in the village is found mauled to death, there is no question about the culprit. Rumours of the wolf pack circulating the Southern tribes have proven true, and it is time to start examining how to find the wolves hidden amongst the citizens. Can you find the wolves, or are you one yourself? This will be revealed during the game, when players try to figure out who exactly is who in the pact, and if someone has lied about their true identity.

The game is based on the Werewolf roleplaying game and Rabbit Doubt manga. There are two games, and each lasts about 40 minutes. Both games can fit around 10-12 players.

Sugoi Trainingu

Class 214 at 11:00–11:45Pihla Eskola, Sonja Kalliomäki

A low treshhold sports session to anime music. It might get sweaty! Bring your workout clothes.

Saturday 11:30


Concert Hall at 11:30–12:30

FFFollowers brings Final Fantasy Fight to Animecon again and entertains you in its traditional turn based fight show, that you have a chance at entering! By pre-registering, you can guarantee a spot on stage. Pre-registration begins on 22.6.2015 and lasts until 9.7.2015. Send your registration to Include the following information in your registration: your name, age, email, phone number, character, your hits as well as other wishes (for example music). If the urge to get on stage suddenly overcomes you at the con, then no worries, we'll be picking out fighters from the crowd to showcase their skills as usual!

Saturday 12:00

Saturday 13:00

Movies Everybody Disagrees with You On

Concert Hall at 13:00–14:30Doug Walker

Have you ever had that movie you love but everyone else hates, or that movie you hate but everyone else loves? Well now's your chance to make your voice heard! Join Doug Walker in discussing what and why certain films get more attention than others should, and see if your movie is celebrated or despised as much as you think!

Teen angst and training: Free!, target audience and image language in a sports anime - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 13:00–14:30Airin "icecreambat" Tegelman

"Free! is not a sports series" -this is how I have often described KyoAni's "Swimming" anime's relationship with the sports anime genre. But is this true afterall? Why do the sport anime cliche's seen in Free! feel both foreign and familiar at the same time? This programme opens up the importance of the target audience to storytelling, genre cliches and fujoshi-baiting through comparisons and analysis. Warning: contains some terrible videomaterial from ping pong to bicycling as well as a dash of even worse humor.

Anime song quiz

Auditorium at 13:00–13:45Elina Hätinen, Tekla "megurinemagnet" Kokkonen

Can you recognize anime series' songs from the first few notes? Are there no theme's or opening songs that you don't know? Come test yourself in the Anime song quiz! Your mission is to recognize 20 songs: is it a theme, an opening or an ending, what series is the song from and of course, what's the songs name? Up to 50 people can participate! The best result will be rewarded!

Finland needs more AMV-creators - FINNISH

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 13:00–14:30Fintaku

Are there too few AMV creators in Finlands Anime community? Are Finland's AMV contests and videos yay or nay? Come converse about Finlands current AMV level and discuss other juicy topics surrounding the subject. The Panel includes Korppari, Eloveena and Se Velho.

Assassin's Creed meetup

Class 210 at 13:00–14:45

A meetup for friends of hooded assassin's! In addition to Assassin's Creed hyping, you can maybe play some AC-spirited Monopoly and talk about the upcoming fan film, which is recruiting members! Everyone, who is interested in the game series or participating in the fan project is welcome to attend!

Saturday 14:00

The best you can be found inside a game - FINNISH

Auditorium at 14:00–14:45Heikki Aisala

In anime, moving the characters inside a game world is an effective way to bring out the main characters hidden talents. How do the main characters survive the challenges of the new environment and what possibilities does this new world present? Is this strange world anything like the real world, or does it finally give the characters the chance to be the best they can be? The presentation examines the series, Log Horizon's Shiroe characters thought processes and admires how the characters of Sword Art Online pass their limits. At the same time, we'll ponder what dangers the game world brings with Welcome to the NHK.

Death parade

Class 214 at 14:00–17:45Pihla Arraste Arraste, Sami Jamalainen, Isa Kyyhkynen

"After death, humans are either sent to the void or reincarnated. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. He challenges them to the Death Game, wherein they wager their lives and reveal their true natures."

After death, humans are either sent to the void or reincarnated. But for some, there is no preordained place, so they arrive at Kuopio Music Centre, with no memories and no recollection of how they got there. A mysterious black haired person is there to meet them. He challenges them to the Death Game, wherein they wager their lives and reveal their true natures. Who will enter damnation? Who will be reborn? This is Death Parade.

You can pre-register for the programme by email at Send in your registration by 3.7.2015. Include your name and phone number in your email. In case there are spots available, you can also join by coming to the programmes info session.

Saturday 15:00

Cosplay: Single's contest

Concert Hall at 15:00–15:45

Moomin Metal II

Chamber Music Hall at 15:00–16:30Olli "Tolkuton" Kääriäinen

Moomin and Metal? Did you say music? Yes! It really is a combination of TV's Moomin soundtrack and heavy metal, for the second time exclusively at Animecon! With an extra long set!

The best of Sumio Shiratori's Moomin background musics re-arranged and presented "live" by a long-haired man who distantly resembles the Magician. You can also find these covers on youtube!

Digressnig from last year, there are some new songs, improved sounds and musicianship! Perhaps even something special will be in store!

Once upon a time there was a granny and a grandpa - Fairytales in anime and manga - FINNISH

Auditorium at 15:00–16:30Reetta Kontiainen

You know Cinderella, peach boy, Princess Kaguya...? Throughout the ages humans have read, listened and created stories; all through Asia, Europe and everywhere else in the world. Different fairytales have also affected both anime and manga right from the first series. How are the fairytales familiar to us described in the hands of anime studio's and manga artists? What are Japanese folk tales like? Traditional fairytale elements can be found in many different series, both in straight up adaptions and cartoons directed at children, but also in some very surprising places. All story hungry folk are welcome!

What would it be like to be an anime character - is it even possible? - FINNISH

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 15:00–15:45Riiko Mielonen

Have you ever wanted to be an anime character? As stretchy as Luffy in One Piece, capable of blowing up planets with Ki energy like Goku in Dragonball, as great a teacher as Onizuka in GTO, or a fanatic athlete like Shin Seijūrōn in Eye Shield 21?

This programme goes through the pros and cons of being an anime character and digs into some deeper questions: can we all be anime characters, and what is stopping us from being like an anime character?

Come listen and talk about living as an anime character! Come laugh and cry, as this programme spares no humor or drama!

Fan fiction writing workshop 1.0

Class 210 at 15:00–17:45Kaisa "Cheesecake" Pukarinen

Having trouble moving the plot along? Not enough happening in your story? This fan fiction writing workshop digs into the challenges, most common issues and stumbling blocks of fan fiction, gives you constructive critisism about your own text and lets you discuss how to best better yourself as a writer. Feedback is given in groups, and participants will receive the hosts comments to their email after the programme. The workshop will begin with a quick lecture, that delves into plot development, style and challenges of story telling in fan fiction. Afterwards there will be writing exercises with feedback.

The workshop will be in both Finnish and English, and is meant for both beginners as well as more advanced writers. Maximum number of participants is 15. You can pre-register for the workshop at You can also turn up without pre-registering.

Saturday 16:00

The diamond in the rough - Ace of Diamond - FINNISH

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 16:00–17:30Paula "outomaatti" Rynty

The full potential of the traditional baseball series, Ace of Diamond isn't revealed to the viewer at first glance. What does this sport genre representative hold inside it, and why should you watch further than the first few episodes? This programme scratches only the surface of what Ace of Diamond is, ponders its deeper themes and breaks down some myths and prenotions about the series. This programme doesn't contain any big spoilers, so those unfamiliar with the series, as well as fans are both welcome.

Saturday 17:00

Homosation is already here - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 17:00–17:45Saku "zalakke" Kuusela, Juha-Matti "sota-esa" Kuusinen

Why did MAD-videos seasoned with American gay porn take off at NicoNicoDouga? Are Kuso-Ge games 'shitty games' like their name implies and why do Nippon Computer Systems stuff theirs full of beautiful male muscles? Come face the hard truth about homosation and what it can give the society. If your name is Päivi Räsänen, don't come watch this programme. This programme is rated K16.

Finland's sports folk and Japan - FINNISH

Auditorium at 17:00–17:45Hannu Kurtti

Sports anime and manga, that cradle of versitility, has brought us wrestling, swimmer boys, boxing, motor sports and lots more. This programme talks about Finland's favorite sports and some coincidences from Japan. Come acquaint yourself with some new and old series that Finland, as a sports nation, can be proud of.

Saturday 18:00

Anime Concert

Concert Hall at 18:00–19:30

Once again The Symphony Orchestra of Kuopio presents its eargasmic Anime Music concert! Being presented for the fourth time, this concert has reached a massive favor among young fans of anime. The concert is sold out!

Saturday 19:00

Saturday 20:00

Saturday 21:00

Saturday 22:00

Saturday 23:00

Sunday 10:00


Concert Hall at 10:00–11:30

Have some aching questions for the near sighted one himself? Well now's your chance to ask! Join Doug Walker as he answers all the questions you have about his characters, the website, or Channel Awesome!

From Nintendo to manga - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 10:00–10:45Lassi "Kitsune" Väänänen

Many Nintendo heroes have gotten their own manga or even an anime. Now we can laugh about Kirby with a machine gun and Luigi dressed up as a Princess thanks to these adaptations. And let us not foret about Kid Icarus, Pokemon and the adventures of Link.

On both sides of the coin - Japan's gods in Noragami - FINNISH

Auditorium at 10:00–11:30Essi "Esshieru" Toivari, Jenna Toivari

To honor the confirmation about a second season of Noragami, we created a versatile look into the world of Noragami! We'll orientate ourselves with Japan's tales of gods and beliefs and how they have been presented in the series. In depth analysis, relationships between characters and humor Noragami style is in store! Everyone who follows Yato and is interested in Japanese traditios is welcome! Please note that the programme contains spoilers for the manga!

Over 10 years of tennis experience - Prince of Tennis - FINNISH

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 10:00–11:30Anna-Liisa Hokkanen, Essi Salo

The Prince of Tennis manga series by Takeshi Konomi began in 1999 and is one of the longest continuing sports series to date. Prince of Tennis, or more familiarly, Tenipuri, in its more than 10 years has produced many anime episodes, special releases, movies and a plethora of tie-in products. This programme concentrates on going through the events of the series and its large cast of characters as well as finding reasons why and how Tenipuri is able to keep its watchers so tightly in tow from year to year.

Sunday 11:00

Below the surface - a look into the characters of Free! - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 11:00–11:45Jenna "Xenji" Lukkari, Tanja "Allu" Onishko

Is Haru's puberty never ending? Why does Rin have such a strong need to beat Haru? And why did Sousuke quit swimming? This Free! lecture delves deeper into the characters and their feelings. We'll examine the first and second season's hissy fits and emotional outbursts for different characters. Please note this lecture contains spoilers and bad humor.

Learn to measure your friends

Class 210 at 11:00–13:45Jenny Pitkänen

Do you do Cosplay? Did you know, that it's impossible to get accurate measures of yourself by yourself? Would you like to know exact measures of yourself and learn how to measure your friend to boot? We'll instruct you on how to take measures, and trust us, it is not what you thought it was! You will need tightish, but light clothing for the measuring. We'll teach you to measure from a professional viewpoint, to a millimeter in accuracy!

Sunday 12:00

AMV contest

Concert Hall at 12:00–14:00

In the 2015 fourth AMV contest, the judges will reward 3 videos and give out 5 honorable mentions. Come watch the videos that made it to the finale and vote for your favorite!

Whose Anime is it anyway - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 12:00–13:30Suvi "Kiipy" Haapala, Ana "AnnaPannari" Pereira, Tiitu "NaruDossu" Vihakara

What is the worst sewer in the world like? Who gets the furthest with questions when the mission is to find the sales tables? Or if I am Naruto, who are you? Whose Anime is it anyway throws a twist on improvisation games when the topics are cosplay, anime and all the basic nerd things. Come watch, participate or just laugh yourself to death.

Not as epic as you'd think - FINNISH

Auditorium at 12:00–13:30Trinity Kopla

Lassi "Kitsune" Väänänen, Juhani "Anti-Paavi" Kaakinen and Teme "Perkele" Ekman
combine their forces and delve into gaming and what shakes a gamers world. What happens when real world gaming meets anime and manga series' ultra glamorous feeling. Come witness how the Trinity Kopla creates a disillutive look into the realities of gaming. This programme is rated K15.

Karate - Bankai's and Bunkai's in anime and everyday life - FINNISH

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 12:00–13:30Henri "Henry" Häyrinen

A very popular budo-variety that originated on the island of Okinawa has become a very popular sport in Japan and all over the world. The beauty and strength of Karate is seen both on the big screen and the pages of manga. But do anime and real life go hand in hand? What kind of karate series can be found? Is the history of Karate what you thought it was? How is Karate interpreted? Are these questions irritating you? These questions, and many more will be answered during this lecture, spiced with humor of course. In addition, we'll discuss martial arts in general. All Karateka's, Kendoka's, wrestlers, boxers and others are welcome!

Ultimate sport competition 9000

Class 214 at 12:00–13:30

A megaturbo action-packed super nice contest for playful attendees! The most interesting events, like brofist-face-off and Get naked b*tch are in store! Come with your friend, as participation is done in pairs. The best will be rewarded!

Sunday 13:00

Sunday 14:00

Kuroko no Basuke - basketball and circus tricks in rainbow colours - FINNISH

Chamber Music Hall at 14:00–15:30Oona Hintikka, Tiina-Liisa Hämäläinen

How much can you get out of a basketball manga, when the creator didn't know the rules of the game all that well in the beginning? A lot, since beneath the characters' unnatural basketball skills and the basic shounen series attitude: "better the world by winning" is a surprisingly touching growth story. The programme bites into the core of the series by comparing the manga and anime adaptations and looks in terror at how mean high school students can be. To finish it off, we'll take a look into the future. And of course we'll debate about who exactly is the best basketball player.

Manga quiz

Auditorium at 14:00–14:45Katariina Mäkinen

Do you think you can recognize a mangaka by their art style? Can you recognize and name characters from differeng genre's? If your answer is yes, parttake in the manga quiz either alone or with a friend! The Quiz will begin as a group contest, but in the end, there can be only one winner. If you are interested, sign up by sending an email to by 1.7.2015. There are a limited amount of slots, so be quick.

Doug Walker's Autograph session

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 14:00–16:00

Come get yourself our Guest of Honor's autograph as a memento from the event. There is no pre-registration. You may start lining up 15 minutes before the event. Remember to follow all directions given by the security team, and please do not block pathways.

Fan fiction writin workshop 2.0

Class 210 at 14:00–15:15Kaisa "Cheesecake" Pukarinen

Level up! In Sunday's workshop we'll look at fan fiction writing and producing text from a more control centered viewpoint. The point is to take the participants idea to the next level, refine the text and become familiar with the writers own personal style and how to improve it. Feedback will be given personally by the supervisor. The participant can either work on their own project, or complete the writing tasks given by the supervisor. There is no lecture at the beginning of this workshop. The goal is to deepen the participants idea of their own style, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as ponder about how well a finished plot works.

The workshop will be in both Finnish and English, and is meant for both beginners as well as more advanced writers. Maximum number of participants is 15. You can pre-register for the workshop at You can also turn up without pre-registering.

Speedo workshop

Class 214 at 14:00–15:45Kirsti Sorsa

Feeling anxious about the sweaty heat? Would you like to cool off by jumping into the cool water of Kallavesi, but you left your swimsuit at home? Join a humoristic speedo workshop and make yourself, your friends or even your alpacca a pair of swim trunks.

Sunday 15:00

Performance and CMV contest

Concert Hall at 15:00–17:00

Open-mic scrutinization

Auditorium at 15:00–15:45Topias Koskela

Have you always wanted to host your own programme at a con, or just share your theory about the secrets of anime, but you haven't gotten to it yet for some reason? Now you have a chance to come scrutinize a subject of your own choosing! If speaking to an audience is too nervewracking, you can always come listen to what others have to say. Reserve your own turn beforehand at the info desk or via email at If there's enough time, we'll rotate the microphone around the room!

Sunday 16:00

OC - my own character - FINNISH

Auditorium at 16:00–16:45Heidi Uusitie

Own characters, or OC's are used in many fields. They can be used in LARPs and different roleplaying games for example. They can be created for a ready made world: from Harry Potter to Tokyo Ghoul, or a whole new world can be created around them. Come to my lecture to examine OC-characters from all points of view.

Metal from the West to the East - Metalocalypse and Detroit Metal City

Cabinet Room "Strings" at 16:00–16:45Mette Pesonen

A look into two fictive metal bands and the series around them. What do Dethatk and DMC tell about Japanese and American metal culture? This lecture might contain gore, sex jokes and other "metal". This lecture is rated K16

Sunday 17:00

Closing Ceremony

Concert Hall at 17:00–17:45

How do you feel now? Who won? Was there Doping? Kaar vas päät pat rais vas kuut? Winners will be awarded at the ending ceremony and we'll look back at the events of the weekend.