Animecon 2015 Rules of Conduct

Both Finnish Law and Kuopio City's ordinances apply at the event.

Animecon's security team has the right to confiscate rule-breaking props, substances and objects for the duration of the event, as well as remove those breaking the rules or the orders of members of Security from the con-area.

Guns and Props

You may not bring real guns to the event. Practice, metal-imitation, and inert guns are prohibited from the con-facilities. A prop-gun must be marked accordingly. A pistol must be marked 2cm from the pipe as well as the handle. A 2cm strip from the pipe of a larger gun and a 3cm strip from the back of the gun must be marked. The mouth of the gun must also be covered. Prop-guns are a part of the cosplay and they can only be brought out while taking pictures.
Props must not be made of harder material than wood. While moving indoors especially in programme halls larger props must be left in the cloakroom. In case your prop requires special arrangements, please contact the programme organizer, for example when you parttake in Cosplay-programmes.


Bringing or being under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants is strictly forbidden at the convention facilities. Smoking is also prohibited indoors and near the exits. This ban includes e-cigs and other cigarette-like products.


Let's keep the convention facilities clean together. Please do not litter, and if you notice a full trashcan, please inform a member of our workforce or the Info desk.

Please respect other people's personal space and privacy by asking before taking a picture, hugging, or touching their costume and/or props. Cosplay does not equal consent.
Do not block pathways by taking pictures in tight halls, sitting on the stairs etc. Harrassing staff or other attendee's is prohibited and those exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be removed by a member of our security.